How to run several Bitnami WordPress installs on XAMPP

How to run several Bitnami WordPress installs on XAMPP
Date: 2018-01-15 02:29

XAMPP with Bitnami enables you to run WordPress (and many other apps) on your Windows computer. But what if you want to run several WordPress installs locally, each in a separate directory and database?


1) Install XAMPP on your local Windows computer.

Though outside the scope of this page it’s actually quite easy. Follow these instructions:

Note: Install in the default C:\xampp (if not things get complex with Windows 10 permissions, you don’t want that..).

2) Download latest Bitnami WordPress installer for Windows here: (for single WordPres sites)
and save it to: C:\xampp\bitnami installer

3) Start XAMPP Control Panel, then start Mysql and Apache in the Control Panel
4) Start terminal in XAMPP Control Panel: Press the button “Shell”
5) Type below commands at the command line

  • Notes regarding the second line:
    • Adjust to the latest Bitnami file version
    • Adjust the installation name at the end to whatever you want ( for example: mywordpresspetproject instead of wordpress1)


cd c:\xampp\bitnami installer
bitnami-wordpress-4.9.1-2-module-windows-installer.exe –wordpress_instance_name wordpress1

6) Within a minute the Bitnami installer starts up. The program asks you to choose a directory in which it can find the XAMPP or Bitname files. Leave this at c:\xampp (unless you installed XAMPP in a different directory).
7) The program asks you to choose a password, (choose anything you want)
8) Typically the program can promt you for other information, such as a blog title (choose anything, you can change this later, for example ‘wordpress’) and a user, (type any username you like, for example user1)
9) Start the Bitnami instance by typing the following url in a local browser:

You can log in with these admin credentials:

User: user1
Password: <whatever you choose>

The files are installed here:

(Or wordpress2 or whatever directory you choose earlier in step 5).

If you want to install another WordPress install in another directory:

Repeat the steps above, just choose another name in step 5.

If you want to delete an install:
1) Delete the corresponding directory c:\xampp\apps
2) Go to the XAMPP Control Panel –> Apache -> Config –> httpd.conf
and remove the line at the end of the file which refers to the installation. For example:

Include “C:/xampp/apps/wordpress1/conf/httpd-prefix.conf”

I hope this clarifies!